Surgery summer practice

Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

I have been in surgery practical for more than a week now. Last week, I went to Orthology department. I only managed to see one surgery during my last day. So, before that, my days are only filled with me being in the outpatient clinic.

Boring tau? huhuhu... I was lucky that my doctor@temporary teacher was willing to teach me something. Anyhow, being alone like this taught me not to be "berat mulut". Need to ask lots of questions so that I will learn something. If I don't work to make full use of me being in the Ortho clinic, then I am the rugi ones.

Oh, one more thing, we haven't even have lecture in Ortho yet. I was armed only by my anatomy, 2 semester worth of traumatology knowledge and internal med.


That was basically everything in Ortho.

Now, for this week, my doctor in charge works in ICU department of surgery. Meaning all the patients post-op are sent here.

First day, my doctor was off duty, but he was really nice that he made sure I had something. He made some phone calls and he sent me to the Operating Theatre to see a liver resection surgery. It was nice since it was my first time seeing that kind of operation. (Because I had enough of bones and fractures..huhuhu...) and all the Malaysian girls were in that OT too! hahhaha... so tak boring la.. :)

Today, my doctor was on duty but he had to be all day in the ICU. Being the only student, I had the privilege  to see all the documents in each patients' room. I had to be "tak malu" to see what the doctors and nurses are doing. If only my czech is fluent and superb, I can "borak-borak" with the staffs kan? So, basically hanya mampu senyum-senyum je laaa..hehe

So, that was basically my surgery practicals story. I had 3 more days and then yay!! Finish everything insyaAllah....! (bilalah dapat buat toxico ni fathin oiiiiii)

Pray that I'll use my time wisely ok? Janganlah futur...huhuhu...

Assalamualaikum a Na Shle!

p/s: I am struggling to love surgery...huhuhu...Tarbiyah sabar ni insyaAllah... :)


丽 娜 said…
hahaha, kena buat post ni.

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