ICU everyone?

Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

I think, I would like to consider ICU (Intensive Care Unit or JIPka in Czech) to be my favourite place.


When it comes to choose between going into Operating Theatre or ICU, I would prefer the latter.
I am more happy in ICU than in OT.
I would sulk, or depressed in OT. The joy and passion is really rare which I think its only happened when I saw some abdominal surgeries.

I think, basically I just love Internal Med (Not the studying for exam though...studying for exam is always a different story). It seems there's only a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tiny little increase of my interest in surgery just because probably I have started to understand better.

But still, it can't outweigh my passion for Internal Med.

Since I was in the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Rotation few months before, I had discover my new interest. I am happy to learn this subject, especially when I'm in ICU.

The adrenaline rush when you need to think fast. Act fast. It really does intrigued me.

and I couldn't be grateful enough that I was sent to ICU most of the times during my surgery summer practice. (Means, less OT! In fact, I had only been in OT twice in two weeks. I know it's not really helpful, but its a yeay for me! ;P) 

I really like it when we start to brainstorm the consequences of the problems, the etiologies, the diagnosis, the treatment.....etc...etc...

Its like putting jigsaw puzzles in place.

and I love playing puzzles.

But, the downside is that I really need to master the disease and stuffs.

But, it could also be the bright side. It boosts me to study more and harder!

Who knows? I might really consider this field in the future? (after O&G, Gastro)

and who knows that one day, my interest for surgery will bloom?

Who knows?

For now, I am preparing myself mentally for 5th year General Medicine insyaAllah.


Assalamualaikum a Na Shle!

p/s: I'm going back home this Monday insyaAllah!! Pray for us, ok? ^_^


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