Hello Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

Alhamdulillah I have safely arrived at home on Tuesday night. Thank you very much for the doa. :)

Sooooo....how is Malaysia so far?

There is nothing much I can say since I've only been out once to KL with my ayah and brother. (yes, I've got a new lappie finally! Alhamdulillah! ^^) 

Going out to Lowyat on Thursday evening, so I've met again the 'lovely' traffic jam, which is one of the sign that says," ye, anda kat malaysia sekarang. sekian terima kasih" 

Luckily it was my brother who was driving since my ayah had just recovered from his eye surgery last fortnight. Imagine if I was at the driver's seat at that time. Habis naik darah tinggi semua orang...hahahaha

Naik-naik je kereta kat klia, I've said "Jom, pergi mamak?"

and my mama, "dah agak dah dia nak ajak pergi mamak..." she said that to my ayah. hahaha. Ye mama, anakmu ini have been imagining mamak's maggi goreng and ayam goreng and teh ais since I'm in Hradec Kralove lagi. lol

I am really, really want to comment about what I've seen, but unfortunately there's nothing much I've seen yet.

My hope this summer, to achieve the goals that I've made before leaving Czech Republic.

and they are?

Hehehe.. no, I am not telling you. It's a secret of mine. Just pray that I'll be successful in my mission. :)

and Ramadhan has started tonight. May Allah bless us all and may our Ramadhan this year will be full of barakah insyaAllah...

I hope to write more during this summer, one of the way to make my summer more productive instead of berlingkar macam ular sawa...hehe... insyaAllah :)

Till then, selamat berpuasa! Ramadhan al mubarak everyone!

Assalamualaikum a Na shle!


Hanis Amanina said…
kak ainaaaa, alhamdulillah dah selamat sampai :D been waiting for your entry, tahu? hihi

sy pun tak banyak keluar rumah ni, cikgu2 zaman sekarang ni haihh busy nya overdose pukul 7 sampai 5ptg, belum masuk kelas malam lagi. haha but, i know my parents tried hard bawak keluar masa malam :)hihi

p/s - sy gerun dgn jalan raya kat sini.
p/s/s - doakan sy tak lagha sangat tawwww :D

salam sayanggg <3
Fathin Aina said…
hehehe ninaaaaaa :)

ye ke? mak ayah awk ajar kelas ptg skali la tu..hehe..

sy ni pun mcm payah je nk mengupdate...padahal byk je bnda oleh tulis...kena buat mutabaah amal baru utk tulis entry kot? hehe

syg awk jugak fillah <3

p/s: hahaha..sila la pegi drive balik :P sy pun next week dah kena practice :P

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