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Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

Here I am, fulfilling my promise, insyaAllah!

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I am very afraid if I become a parent one day.


I was having the psychiatry rotation few weeks ago and MasyaAllah! Only God knows how I shocked I was.

I thought I already knew enough about the world, but no. Life is an endless lesson. 

There are still so many people with so many different kinds of problems and dramas. 

Maybe because I was not so exposed with parenthood, so that might explained the scarcity of my knowledge and views on this issue.

Believe me, what we've used to write in the Bahasa Melayu essay in our secondary school about the importance of a stable household, full of loves and supports, those are not just on the paper.

It is the reality and now I've seen the real truth by my own eyes.

Many of the patients were having some kind of miserable life that lead to many problems afterwards. Especially major depression and drug abuse.

Most of them were not having the support from the family and friends. Some even have no one to rely on to eventhough the members of the family are still alive.

And they became so depressed and depressed until it ruined their normal life.

They can't sleep.
They lost the will to do anything
They cry a lot, some can't even cry.
Worst, they tried to commit suicide.

Some cases, the mother abandoned or neglected the patient, but later the father came back to the rescue.
and the patient have better chance of living back a normal life.

Some cases, the husband was fully supportive towards her sick wife eventhough the children, the relatives, the parents don't care a bit about her. And luckily she managed to be better.

But, not all cases were lucky as those above.

Seeing this, my faith and belief to Him is much stronger insyaAllah.
Because I know, what these people lacked off.

The faith.

You know, Rasulullah is one of the person on earth who didn't have a pleasant childhood like others.

He lost his father before he was even born to the world.
He lost his mother when he was just 6 years old.
He lost his grandfather not long after that.
He lost his beloved uncle and shortly after that his wife left the world.
He lost all of his sons.
He was isolated by his own families and clan.
He was tortured, attacked, humiliated for years.

But, Rasulullah still managed to go through all that.


Because he believes in HIM.

He knew that Allah is always with him
He knew that Allah is giving him the best thing he needed.
He knew that Allah is putting him in a test
He knew that Allah is rewarding every patience he built.
He knew that Allah will never leave him.

Most importantly,
He knew Allah loves him. Always. and always.

See? The difference when you believe in ALLAH.

People will leave.
Things will not last.

But Allah, He'll never go away from you.

But I don't say that family is not important. But the household must be built based on the strong faith in Allah.

Without this, it's hard I guess. Because when you have a family to manage, it is not a happy-fairy-tale style of life. There must be lots of challenges, trials, and difficulties to be braced upon. (Those who had already start having a new family must know a lot about this than me.)

So, how to face all these?

By believing in HIM always.

When you believe in Him, you'll learn to be patience.
When you believe in Him, you'll learn to be tolerable.
When you believe in Him, you'll learn to love each other.
When you believe in Him, you'll learn to be fair to everyone.
and much more insyaAllah.

So, seeing all those patients, made me feel sad and guilty too. How sad it is that they don't get to have the faith that we had.
How unfortunate their life have become that they don't know who else to turn to when everyone seems to be gone.
and how weak I am, not able to reach them, to tell them what I've believed in. =(

If you are asking me, the biggest thing in my life that is the most precious.....
it is the chance to be in islam.

Allah, please let us all stay and die in islam...


Assalamualaikum a Na Shle!

p/s: huhuhu....tak kerja sungguh-sungguh lagilah sebenarnya ni....=((( 


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