Mummy's mode vs doctor's mode

Assalamualaikum and dobry den!

Lama betul tak menjengah ke blog ni. Last post tahun lepas. Last draft pun tahun lepas.

Now day 7 of admission. Not mine, but my child's. Yes, I have a son now, alhamdulillah 😊.
Umar is admitted for bronchopneumonia. Been coughing since saturday. Worsen after sunday (after kenduri. Yes, yes..of course we know that this is mostly the source of the bugs). Then coughing got more intense. Mummy turned to doctor's mode. Everyday the stethoscope was on my hand, scared if i heard any abnormal sound. Luckily there's no fever.

Then on wednesday morning, I noticed Umar's breathing became more labored. I panicked, started to count his respiratory rate. Ok thank god not tachypneic. But there are deep recessions. Both subcostal and intercostal. I quickly grabbed my stets, and walla! There was scattered ronchi and even creps! I woke my husband and he asked where should we go first. Deep inside I knew this case most likely need admission. But being in denial or mummy's mode, I asked we go to GP first. Off we go to the GP and of course, we were asked to go to ED with referral letter.

But in ED, umar was given neb 5x and discharged home with strict monitoring. As the ward is so full. We went back home. I could not let him out of my sight. In the evening, his breathing became more heavy, and I phoned my husband. That night we went back to ED and after hours of waiting, our son is admitted.

Budak baru nak tidur lepas bangun tahajud 😅

Now alhamdulillah he is so much better. Just need to complete antibiotics and npa c&s result. Sometimes I am in my doctor's mode. But most of the time in mummy's mode.

Now I fully understand the feeling of parents when their child is warded. Kena sabar banyakkkkkkkk.
I thought I was going to be ok, seeing line inserted to my child, struggling to give the neb. I even inserted a line on umar after 2 attempts by the HO failed. But that's it. I could not do it again and I never entered the procedure room again. I can't just bear the look he gave me after I poked him. Worst, his line kept getting bunked and it was difficult to get the line.

I think after the 3rd line was inserted. I started to cry behind the curtain. I know its painful. I inserted countless branula before. But when it comes to your own child. Hmmm... T_T

Welcome to motherhood, fathin!

Please pray for Umar's speedy recovery!

Na shle!


muhammadfirdaus said…
lama x dtg sini baca entry. hahaha. tahniah fatin da jd puan emak. semoga umar jadi nak yg soleh. insyallah

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