Salam a dobry den!

Just did some major..major grammar and sentence structure correction in my previous posts...

It is getting worse..and worse... Well, My writing is not really a bombastic material and rarely got an excellent mark, but at least it used to be edible enough to be read. And now look what happened??

So, guys, please excuse for my deteriorating writing lately. Need to practise more since we do not talk English much here. (What do you expect with a class that 80% are Malaysians, and when 99% of the locals are speaking entirely czech? The only saviour are our international friends, lecturers and our study materials) *sigh**sigh* (alasan2...ish2..)

Here's our Love Letter for the day,

"Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhanmu memaklumkan, 'Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur, niscaya Aku akan menambah (nikmat) kepadamu, tetapi jika kamu mengingkari (nikmat-Ku), maka pasti azab-Ku sangat berat."
(Surah Ibrahim 14:7)

Salam a Na Shle

p/s: this thing made me miss all my English teacher since kindergarden till KMB...huwaaaaa....teacher and sir!!
pp/s: got 1st microb n pathophys test this week. pray for us! may Allah ease our way...


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