A New Beginning, New Chapter

Salam a dobry den!

It's almost 2 weeks of me becoming a 3rd year student and it is totally a new environment as most of our class is now in the hospital except for pathophysio which still in the faculty building.

Excited? Totally.

We've already had our first contact with the patient, used our brand new stethoscope and worn the labcoat in the hospital. (This is the joy and excitement of a medical student who just entered the hospital..hehe..=p)

We are also now in attempt to be a healthier person (?).The bus from my flat will stop at the entrance of the hospital which is sooooooooo far if we've got class for pathoanatomy, which is the opposite end of the entrance. Plus, if after pathoanatomy, we've got class in the medical library of faculty, we have to walk again to another further bus stop. So, maybe we can achieve the government campaign of 10,000 steps per day and oh, maybe this is for our training for the iGames this November. Hahahaha

It is starting to get cold right now. My housemates and I had just came back from an igloo yesterday. (A way of exaggerating..) Our heater has broken down for weeks and we bathe with ice cold water every morning (The temperature nowdays is starting to be 1 digit okay?). At first, we still can tolerate it by heating the water using the kettle. But then, after non-stop usage every morning, the kettle suddenly broke down... huuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

But Alhamdulillah..finally, yesterday with the help of a few diligent, hardworking repairmen, the heater is now fixed!! yeay!! Thank yoouuuuuu Mr Landlords and Mr Repairmen!! Baitul Raudhah is now with open heart are welcoming any visitor to our house! hehee...so this is a rememberance for us to always, always, always be grateful for EVERYTHING. The period of eskimo world taught us to appreciate every single feeling of being warm which we always take it for granted. Alhamdulillah....

This new semester, we hope to finish it better than our previous school years. So.....please..please..and please Fathin, you are not allowed to start to understand what you've learned at the beginning of your exam period. Please....start from now. Study consistently, double your pray, double your effort!!

Hope to be a better person for Him and everyone. May Allah guide us all.

"Dan kerana Tuhanmu, bersabarlah." 
(AL-Mudathir 74:7)

"Dan Allah menciptakan langit dan Bumi dengan tujuan yang benar, dan agar SETIAP JIWA DIBERI  BALASAN SESUAI DENGAN APA YANG DIKERJAKAN, dan mereka tidak akan dirugikan." 
(Al-Jathiyah 45:22)

I guess that's it for this time. Got my elective czech class after this. Till then, Salam a Na shle!

p/s: I am really, really slow in writing nowdays...huhu..


keyLa said…

kena start enjin nie, baru boleh gerak...huhu
(utk diri sendiri jugak)^^

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