That question

Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

People always ask what am I going to specialized into when we become a doctor one day.

Eventhough I am still not a doctor yet, but I guess it's good to plan something ahead right? :)

So today, when I was having my ObsGyn rotation, we were being asked that question again by our doctor in charge. Just to kill the time waiting for the practical to end.

and I think my interests keep on changing back and forth. =D

First, I am interested in O&G eventhough I haven't yet started to learn the subject at that time.
Then, I realized I have this unusual passion for Gastroenterology.
But then, I think I love to be in the Hematology ward.
Surgery is definitely out of topic.
Suddenly, I seemed to like Emergency medicine.

and now, back to square one again. O&G.

So, honestly I'm not sure till now and I am still searching. Anticipating what these field will offer me as I just continue to learn and work in these field as HO one day insyaAllah.

Anyhow, thinking about this did help to motivate me to study more. :)

For now, let's finish study first and we'll just pray for the best in the future insyaAllah

May Allah ease <3 p="">


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