Brace yourself

Assalamualaikum wbt,

This year, I am being taught VIGOROUSLY on how to think like a doctor, live like a doctor (well, not really close enough), and to ready myself for the big challenges ahead (eventhough it's still more than a year to go. But, hey! A year will just..."poof!")

I had just failed my internal exam last month. And I kinda realized of what I am still lacking at. On how to think all the symptoms, etiologies and stuffs as a whole. Broaden your view, and perspective. And I am definitely need to focus more, and be more and more hardworking insyaAllah.

So that is basically just another episode of my exams.

But somehow it does made me realize one thing. As we can't always narrow our mind on every single thing we face.

You know, how sometimes we always tend to only see on one side and yet we ignore the other sides? Well, it may be due to our lack of experiences and exposures to other things. And it might be due to our concrete ego.

And that, is how we learn. To gain more experiences, exposures, to learn more about people, about life and circumstances. To learn to humble ourselves, accepting mistakes and blame, and to learn that the world doesn't only revolves around us.

I, myself is not an open minded person. I used to only think about myself more since I am the only girl in the house, and I am the eldest so I kinda have the authorities towards my brothers.

But ever since I went to a boarding school. Meeting new people in a totally different world, I've learnt a lot. I made mistakes, I saw some totaly different and new things, I realize that some things are like this and some things are like that, I learnt how to conduct myself better, I learnt how to live in the differences.

And the best thing is, I am still learning new things every single day. Perhaps it will continue till I die.

And life is not getting much easier. There'll be more responsibilities, more commitments, more challenges and more trials to be faced. Well, the life of an HO is a proof. Which one thing that I need to prepare myself hard, plus all other things such as family, friends, colleagues, etc.

And His tarbiyah is the best teacher among all.

But one thing I pray so hard is please let me stay strong in His way, in my duties as His slaves, in this DnT despite whatever hardships I may face in the future.

So, I guess, to keep being strong is by being optimistic towards Him as Allah knows what is best for each and every one of us.

Let's keep praying for each other and embrace your life like Internal Med insyaAllah :)

P/s: sorry for the non-medics who happened to read this, The analogy today is so medic, but I hope you guys can still have some benefits from this.


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