It was a future

Assalamualaikum wbt a dobry den!

Lately, I've seem to be thinking a lot.

Recently, in just a week, I've received 3 wedding invitations.
Yes, 3 in a week. Not counting the week before and before.
Let alone the ones who were getting engaged.
I simply didn't bother to count how many invitations or news from that category anymore.

Not forgetting how many of my childhood friends had already posted about their newborn babies!

All of my baby brothers have already in their college life.
With my youngest is enrolling into matriculation college at the end of this month.
How should I start to adapt to these?
When I still imagining carrying my youngest brother on my bike, picking him up from schools.
and in a no meantime,
probably one of my heroes will blurt out the M word to my parents.

But, also I've heard many of my friends' parents are getting sick.
and sadly some already lost theirs too.

my grandmothers are not being much healthier either
so are my uncles and aunties
With each month I've received some news of their deteriorating health status
and my father has also started to have more visits to hospital than usual.

I guess this is life
I am not getting younger
Everyone is not getting any younger either.

It's just that probably I have start to adapt
to this new phase of life.
It's no longer that I should always cling to parents
Whining to my friends about the simplest, tiniest things ever
Worry about unnecessary stuffs.

What I fear most is that
This is the starting point
where I need to prepare myself
to brace upon many challenges and trials ahead
which I am sure is not going to be easy
for my little heart to handle.

Which is why
I too have started to have thoughts
a very deep one

I guess it is time for me to get really serious
on preparing myself for the future ahead

Though I don't know how long will I live
and how my future will be

But one thing for sure
He is ALWAYS with me and my love ones


p/s: I've intended to write about my trip to Adrsspach Skaly (Yes! Alhamdulillah I finally got the chance to be there!), but my laptop started to be such a nuisance now and I don't have that much patience to wait the pictures to be uploaded into my post for hours. InsyaAllah will probably do when I have the patience or maybe after this lappie have been fixed. =)


rusnarusli said…
Salam aina!

^__^ we are not young anymore..

nice thought aina!
Anonymous said…
bile kak aina nak kawennnnnnnnnnnnnn hihihihihi :P
Keyla said…
salam, haha~~

aina, dah ade bau2 je~

dah kena start seriously thinking... hurm,,,...:p
Anonymous said…
hri tu k.aina dh amik tips dh from k.che mek..hehe.. ;p jgn marah k.aina, 6ti cpt tua...
Fathin Aina said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fathin Aina said…
Amboi koranngggg...laju je eh kalo bab2 k ni..
Sila2 serius ttg masa dpn masing2 ok? Hehehe

Cik tau awk sape...hahaha

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