A new chapter begins!

Assalamualaikum a dobrý den!

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!!

There is no words that can describe my feelings right now. A lot of things has happened during this summer. I don't feel like telling you guys everything about it since I think that every summer, there must be always a post (or several.....) about my exams and I thought you guys might be bored of it already....hehe

But, I do feel that I need to share with you guys what I've gained. Because surprisingly, each summer, eventhough  the topic will be the same (exams, exams and exams...!), but I've learnt a new different thing each time.

Allah is always the best planner. Whatever that happened, is always the best for me. From the loooooonnnnng journey of my exams, I've come to learn that whatever happens now, is always the best for me in the future. Simple as it may sounds theoretically, but when it comes to reality, it is not easy to build up that faith and believe. But I am slowly learning, and constant prayers are needed. Always.

I do learn, and being reminded always that whatever tests that were given, Allah always must want me to reflect myself, and learn to be better next time. Sometimes we, humans, do need mistakes and problems to be learnt, and improvised ourselves. If everything is perfect, will we learn what's right and what's not?

Whatever hardships that I've encountered, I've learnt that there are many other people out there with a bigger problems! So, learn not to be like "the world has ended for me" each time you face some difficulties. Be optimistic.

and the best part of my lesson this year,

Allah is always there for me 

I am soooooo NOTHING without His blessings and guidance.....how merciful He is towards a person like me, who has given so little time for Him, when He is always, always and always there for me! MasyaAllah......

Allah, let us be always be grateful to you. Always.

Katakanlah (Muhammad), "Terangkanlah kepadaku jika sumber air kamu menjadi kering; maka siapa yang akan memberimu air yg mengalir?"  
Say: "Tell me! If (all) your water were to sink away, who then can supply you with flowing water'' 
(Al-Mulk 67:30)

~out to 4th year surgery class, bless us all Ya Allah..~


zetty said…

salam wbt ainaaaa~~

suke lah post anda! org lain mungkin tak faham kenape kite suke cerita pasal exam kan. hihihi. banyak yg kita terlepas pandang sebenarnya... tapi seriously mase exam laa paling nmpk kuasa Allah. mcm mana kosong & rendahnya kita sbg hamba, tak mampu buat apa2 pun tanpa kebergantungan pd Allah tu.

mari mencemerlangkan diri di tahun ke-4 ni inshaAllah~ :D
Fathin Aina said…
kan? byk btol blajar time exam2 nih...even x suka exm tu..tp kene bersyukur sbb time ni la rasanya dpt pengajaran paling berharga dlm hidup..huhuhu...

mari menjadi lebih cemerlang tahun 4 nih insyaAllah!! ^_^

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