C'est La Vie

Assalamualaikum and dobry den!

Each day, each year..there is always something to be learned about.
Since I am living by myself, far away from my family, my home country, I have learnt a lot about life.
I guess being independent will give you a free life-long lesson about life.

Ever since I went to boarding school in 2004, I've discovered a lot of things. Not that academical stuffs that I supposed is the same everywhere. But about life.

Being far away from home (Yes, my boarding school is 6 hours away from home by bus.) meaning that I am getting out from my comfort zone.
When you are at home,
You don't bother to take turn to shower, to iron your uniform.
You don't bother to make sure every morning that everything in your room is neatly placed and your bed is so stretched until a 50 cents coin can bounce on it.
You don't bother to complaint about the stone-hard-fish being served during lunch.
and I bothered about that during my first years of living by myself.

Being like thousands of miles from home (which is about 13 hours flight if without transits)
I learnt another new perspective of life.
It is not about bothering to stretch your bed every morning anymore
It is not about bothering the DS food anymore
It is not about bothering about finding a light to finish your homework after the lights off time.

It is now about,
Paying your monthly rent and insurance
Planning your studies and exams
Lining up to renew your visa
Buying the household groceries
Dealing with many kinds of people
and etc, etc....the list could go on..

But the most significant lesson for me,
About people, about trials and difficulties in life.
Being independent is one thing.
But to learn about the true colours of the real world, is another thing.
(and I am not yet at the stage of career world, which must be a lot tougher!)
(plus, I am not living in a 3rd world country or a place surrounded by bombs, gunfires everyday....which waaaayyyyy much harder!)

Each summer, Allah has taught me some of the biggest lessons,
To believe in Him, always! Which many of us (me, mostly.) tend to forget.
and to strive to the best we could, never giving up!

Life is not a bed of roses. (our favourite quote in KMB)

A few months ago, during our usrah, one of my sister shared this:

"We always complaints about this and that in this world. Why do you think that Allah has made this world is not a perfect place? It's because, Allah had made the most perfect, flawless place ever......which is the Jannah! If  Allah made this world the best place to live, do you think people will want to strive for the akhirat? How big His love for us, that He did not want us to forget the most beautiful, peaceful place which is Jannah!!" ^_^

So, don't be afraid, don't despair on each hardships we encountered. Believe that these are all His lesson for us to be a better human, a better Muslim.

"Apakah manusia mengira bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan hanya dengan mengatakan, 'Kami telah beriman' dan mereka tidak akan diuji?" 
"Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe,'' and will not be tested?"  
(Surah Al-Ankabut 29:2)

"Trials will come, but surely they will fade away....."
-I Believe, Irfan Makki feat Maher Zain-

Assalamulaikum and Na shlenadou!

p/s: C'est La Vie = This is life (another our M06P favourite quotation learnt in Ms Nor's English class ^_^)
pp/s: Keep on going everyone!! May Allah guide our way insyaAllah...^_^
ppp/s: Usrah saya tak ajar saya jadi militan macam sesetengah pihak kata. usrah saya ajar saya untuk belajar pasal Tuhan, pasal islam. to LOVE each other. sekian terima kasih. ^_^


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