Jaro v Hradci Kralove!!

Alhamdulillah..its SPRING now in czech rep!
Flowers are blooming everywhere...
shades of pink, cheery yellow blended with whitish white, glowing purple...hmmm...I can just sit by the flowers for hours...=)
no more wearing thick, heavy winter coat to class...wee!

white daisies (is it daisy??) are everywhere!

Tak, (it's like a "so" in czech) to bring more "spring mood" in our CH22 house, I've bought a flower pot with my roommate Cik Dal! wee~ =D My lovely Gugu (that's the name I gave to my flower =p gedikkah? haha..) is now starting to bloooooommmmmmmm! yeay! (I'll post the pic of my blooming Gugu later ^_' ) Cik Dal's Jujun (that's her flower's name..nak jugak ade jun pyo! hoho) is now having a tremendous growth! She's blooming much faster than my Gugu..(xpe2...hehehe)

and spring is more enjoyable as we are now love to go out and play to enjoy the lovely sunshine..! We even have our usrah at the park! (best! best! )

picnic usrah at the park near the Zimni Stadion

and all these beautiful things.....
SubhanAllah! how amazing all the God's creation!
How can the lifeless trees can turn out to be full of colourful blooming flowers?
How can the dull grass fields can be full of cheery yellow dandelions in just a short time?
How can the beautiful tulips emerge out from the once, frosty and empty ground?

SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah! =)

Happy Spring!

ps: Jaro = spring
pps: going out to play roller blade this evening! yeay! LOL =D


kokochan said…
*kokochan like this!* :o) hehehe~
Fathin Aina said…
*fathinaina like this too!* LOL =D
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