The Malaysian Night is finally ended!

salam a dobrý den!!

Oh yeah! Finally, the MN has ended..phewww~~
I applaud all the teams..especially the cooking team (Palachova crew, RNR, Baitul Mus'ab, Cejpova, Kuah Dal's n the chicken pies' chefs) for the HARD work..
n also, our boys..the Dikir Barat n the superb play performance!
n also the high com...!

But still..there are still lots of things that is, I 'tak berapa nak best la'....=(
like, there are beer that had been brought into the hall by the guests...and I know that it is
THEIR way of life. But still, WE are the host for that night and yet, we are not able to do anything...haih~

Also, before the day of the event itself..there are many misunderstandings, misperception, miscommunication, misbehave (?), and many other "mis.."(s). Not to say how tiring it was plus with the all the tests (eg: the 2nd years got 4 credits on the last week before the MN!).

Enough to say, as for me, NO MORE Malaysian Night next year. What's the use of organizing an event that has more
CONS than PROS???? Sorry if my statement is a bit harsh..but i feel that i need to say it before I regret the same thing next year..


p/s: sorry again....and a big salute to all the ppl who've been working really hard!


丽 娜 said…
can't agree,our czech teacher asks us why didn't we go to the after party.she thought that it's part of our culture.hell no!shocking it is how come this matter is overseen
Fathin Aina said…
ya ke lina???? huhu..this is more embarassing than all those sakit perut thingy..=(

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