Assalamualaikum a dobrý den!

The most awaited piece of paper
Yes, it finally comes to an end.
Those 2 years passed already.
Yes, THAT 2 years..

Finally I am now a Medical Officer, with a full registration MMC number.

That lonnnggggg 2 years has finally comes to an end

More responsibilities to come.

I need to think more of my future.

But first, let's recap what had happened for the past 2 years.
We'll go by each postings.


The first posting.
The most dreadful 4 months.
The most stressful.
The lowest part, the pit bottom of my life.
But the period of where I've developed all my skills.
Especially managing the wards, blood takings all the systems and forms.
and managing THE EMOTIONS.
One department, one period that I can never ever forget.
Heck, I could even cry now if I continue.


Enjoyable, I would say.
I got the best groupmates ever I could ask.
Our teamwork was one of the best I had.
I got to accompany patients so many times like a senior.
The place where I got to enjoy work with colleague especially during peri time.
But this department definitely proved that I would never suit to be in OT.


Welcome to the world of HORMONES.
Which just killed my passion for O&G
I won't even think twice.
But who knows later? haha

But, insaaaffffff....terima kasih mama.
Jangan derhaka dengan mak ok?


Finally I learnt how to handle kids.
Something that is not my forte.
Learnt a lot about life
Cried about life, the poor ones.
and assessments, assessments and assessments.
NRP was the best part.
Palpitations while on standby for labour.
But a sense of accomplishment when you managed to resuscitate the baby....Subhanallah!
You could never feel more helpless.
I could never forget the moment a baby was born with initially no antenatal paediatric indications to review.
Suddenly staffnurse was shouting "PAEDDSSSS!!"
A baby was born flat.
And I was alone, with my partner went to standy for a caesar.
Alhamdulillah the little boy was crying vigorously after 2 cycles of PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilation).


The most 'chill' department
Sort of a break after all the hectic postings? LOL
But everyday risk of extension. Haha
Played a lot
Befriend with the MO's, staff nurses and the MA's.
Gaining weight of course with TDS mealtime.


The BEST for me so far!
MO and Registrar treat you like a friend.
MA and nurses are your colleagues.
Best teamwork so far.
The rush, the environment.
Hectic but really enjoyable!
One field that I'll seriously consider.

....and I got married during this posting... ^_^

now, had to prepare myself for MOship.
err....ooookkkkayyyyyy - _-''

Nervous for more responsiblities yet to come.
Nervous to finally I am on my own.
Nervous for all decisions to be made.

But first,
Alhamdulillah ya Allah...
For letting me passed through these 2 years of roller coaster rides.
For letting me gone through these emotional period of my life.
For letting me finished my training safe and sound.
For letting me...for letting me completed my housemanship in one piece...

SubhanaAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar!!

please...please pray for my future.
pray for the new, upcoming journeys
which for sure won't be easy without His guidance.

Like what Uncle Ben said to Peter,

"With great power, comes great responsibility"

To my dear juniors who will soon or have started your housemanship,
Don't worry, yours will finish too!
Just endure it,
Just go through it,
Make lots, lots, lots of doa
Think of your patients
Always be humble
and most importantly,
Lillahi taala...always and always :)

*will soon start new posting in a different state, please do pray for us banyak-banyaaaakkkkkk*


Hanis Amanina said…
kak ainaaaaa, so happy to read and know this! ya Allah, hebatnya akak2 dah survive HOship ni! Always pray for all of us tawww. Moga Allah permudahkan urusan Kak Aina sekeluarga, tenangkan fikiran dan jadi MO yang baik dan tak malignant. hahahaha. Baru tahu wujudnya term tu. hihi

Salam sayang dari HK yang merinduimuuuu
Fathin Aina said…
jzkk ninaaaaa 😘

insyaAllah nina pun akan jadi and habis HO nnt insyaAllah...!

rindu nina jugakkkk..bittaufiq wannajah utk state exams awak! fighting2! 😊😊😊

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