Anak Perantau

Assalamualaikum a dobry den

Being in HTAR, Klang made me encounter a lot, I mean A LOT of foreigners.

Bangladeshi, Indonesians, Nepalese, Myanmar, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Philippines, name it.

And almost half of our wards were occupied by them.

I don't know, maybe Klang is where the factories are, the ports and whatsoever.

Then comes the language barrier. You know when you are so busy, got so many other patients to attend to, your boss getting impatient, etc...etc... then you can't even get a simple story out from them as they can't even understand what you are saying.
And you spend 15 minutes just to know what hit him.

Ok, cut the story short.

Major problems when they came to us is money.

Now as the bills charged to them is in full price as we couldn't afford to pay for them, it is always a heartbreaking scene.

Especially if they need an operation.

But how to proceed as who's gonna pay?

No such thing as derma kilat or funds or whatever as they are so many of them coming, on every day basis too.
We are not flowing in cash you know.

Then the saddest thing if they have to go back home without proper treatment.


As there is seriously nothing can be done.

Imagine are travelling miles away from home,
away from family, children
living a very basic life
Just for some bucks to send to the loved ones at home.

Then some disasters fall upon you.

They didn't ask  for their hand to be accidentally cut by the machine
They didn't ask to be slashed by parang by some bugger.
They didn't ask to be hit by a lorry while riding a bicycle to work

Malang tak berbau, jatuh ditimpa tangga.

I don't know.
I don't have the power
I don't have the authority

and I believe all the staffs also can't do anything.

and I do feel them (eventhough I, myself also feel frustrated towards their nonsense... -_-'' )

as I was a foreigner before.
as I do know how it feels when you are in strange land
as I do understands how it is like to be alone
as I do feel how hurt it is when sometimes you are being treated as a foreigner.

Entahlah labu.....

Moga Allah mudahkan urusan untuk semuanya.

Kan best kalau dunia ada khalifah... :)

Those who made me feel like their own family back there ^_^


Hanis Amanina said…
kerja diorang tak diberi insurans ea kak aina?

Fathin Aina said…
tak semua nina..kalau kerja company besar or kilang besar biasa ada still ada yg diorg x cover..yg kesian kalau dtg sndiri..kerja2 buruh..mmg xde insurans apa la -_-"
Siti Sharini said…
yeah being a foreigner ourselves makes us more empathy towards them..diorang ni kerja keras tau dahlah jauh dari keluarga kan..

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