Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

I've always been reading my own posts lately. Trying to find my himmah back.

Recently, I've felt how much sicker this world can be.
Just finished O&G for more than 2 weeks now, and I already met countless number of single, unmarried mother. Somehow it has become ALMOST a common thing nowadays in our hospital.

Which is scary.

And now I am in Paeds, how could one not cry when a baby was left alone as the mother doesn't want to take care of that poor little thing?

and I wonder, keep on wondering what can I do. But being a busy houseman what more can I do as I got tons of patients to be reviewed and attended to.

Then, I realized. Its me. What have I done? Why am I not strong enough to do something? At least even some words of encouragement or advice?

Had I do dakwah enough? Had I improve myself enough?

I, myself also has been far from Him. T_T

I hate that I had to use my hectic life as an excuse.
Fathin, there are more people who are far more busy than you but nevertheless their iman is much more stronger than anybody else.

Busy is never an excuse.

life = dakwah
work = ibadah
goal = to please Allah.

Pray for me, pray for ummah.
May Allah ease...ameen.... :)

Random ok batu ni terjumpa tengah-tengah Rose Garden dekat Cameron hari tu.
Dakwah jugak tu ^_^


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