I am a doctor

Assalamualaikum a dobry den!

Lama tak menulis. Habis berhabuk dah blog ni.... *fuuuhhhhhhhhhhh*

I did have an intention to write about my new life when I started working as a doctor. But then, got too busy, too tired mentally and physically, too excited to sleep during all my free time. Hence, the delay. :P

So, now I'm currently just started my second posting in Surgery. Yes, I'm in 2nd posting already which means I've already worked for 4 months.

But malas nak cerita pasal surgery lagi sebab still too early. Baru 4 hari tagging weh...

The only happiness in medical life -quoted by someone-
*trying to break that quotation...we should try to be happy, try to enjoy our work as much as possible! :)*

My first posting, MEDICAL
Yes, Medical in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang. One of the busiest hospital in the Klang Valley and some said in Malaysia (Dunno if that's true or not). This is not a fancy shmancy hospital. No airconds in normal wards. Sometimes the PC broke down so had to run to other floors borrowing some other wards' PC. Not to mention the lift was "on maintenance" sometimes so need to wait and wait for an empty lift.

We had to went upstairs, downstairs to trace results, sending bloods (because PPK is not there to send your blood for the whole day, they had some patients to send to Xrays, HDU, etc...etc..), requesting for ultrasounds, CTs, and stuffs. So, apparently I've lost 7kg in my 1st 2 months in this department, which is one of the thing that I'm so ecstatic about. LOL

But, I learnt a lot. Yes, a lot. Not just medical stuffs but apparently about life too.

Here in Klang, I've seen many types of patients, doctors, nurses and relatives too.
From riches to rags.
From snobbish to modest
From selfish to dedicated
and so on, and so on....

But one thing for sure,
Everyday, everyday....I learn to set my niat straight.
To ask Him for me to have sincerity in doing my jobs
To ask Him to never ask for rewards except His blessings
To ask Him to ease my day and never make it harder for me.

and maybe la...because Medical was my first posting so it feels much more meaningful and nostalgic. Still my remember my early days, starting as so stupid and slow that had to extend my tagging period. But till the end of the day, I've improved and proved myself that I can be better.

Please do pray for me in surgery as I used to have a big struggle trying to learn this field by heart in my med school. Hopefully different environment may give a new different perspectives for me on surgery. May Allah ease...aminnnn

working = ibadah.

not just dapat gaji buta.

Salam Ramadhan. May our goods and deeds during this month is accepted and blessed by The Almighty. :)


intandayani said…
Selamat berkhidmat dan berjasa doktor muda..
Akan pun kenal dengan macam-macam ragam doktor masa bekerja di hospital dalam 2 tahun lepas..
Harapnya dokor yang sorang ni tak lekang dengan senyuman la..
Sebab kebanyakan yang sy jumpa doktor-doktor ni jarang nak senyum..
Jemput datang blog akak http://intandayani.blogspot.com

Fathin Aina said…
tq akak :) doakan saya ikhlas dan senyum selalu :)
Unknown said…
makasih yah atas informasinya, jangan lupa kunjungi blog aku juga.

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