The Journeys

Almost 6 years I've been living in this country made me realize something.

I love journeys.

Usually, when I need to travel somewhere be it far or near, I've found out that I was anticipating the journey more than the destination itself.

I love to be on the train, the airplane or the bus. No matter how long it takes, I have never really minded.

Inside České Drahý (ČD) train to Trutnov.

And I do love to be at the airport. So transit time never really bored me.
Train station always fascinated me somehow.
Minus the bus station, because I rarely wait for the bus for a long time.  

Praha Hlavní Nadraží (Prague Main Train Station)

Why the journeys? Why not the destinations?

Well, a destination is always be the reason for a journey. But somehow I always find the joy during the journey. Even sleeping during the ride is something to be looked forward too sometimes. 

There were times that I've travelled alone by train, bus and even airplane. Despite of the nervousness, those experiences did excite me.

Early morning at the Ruznye Airport (Now, Vaclav Havel Airport), Prague.

I remember there was one time when I need to travel from Prague to London by myself to meet my family. My flight was in the wee hours of the morning, so I've decided to spend the night before at the airport. But I didn't dare to sleep as I am a girl, alone with those big luggages. So, I just keep being awake while listening to my iPod and reading some books. 

However, what I've remembered most was the people around me during that time. I saw some poor homeless guy being politely chased away by the police which I felt that they also were pitying those men. I saw the staff packing up for home, then came back to get ready for the new day. I saw the cleaners having their own time moping the floor. I saw many travellers just like me, spending their time in their own way while waiting for the check-in counters to open. 

Terminal Hromadne Dopravy (HD), Hradec Kralove (Terminal Bus Station in HK)

There was one time on the night train, when I saw a lady who seemed in a great despair. I remembered clearly she was gloomy, then she was talking to the phone while sniffing and wiping her tears. It seemed she was in some major sad event of life. 

There was also one time which if I'm not mistaken I was on the plane. A group of middle aged men were excitingly taking their seat, like it was their first time on the plane. It seemed like they were on a holiday trip after years of hard work. 

and there were times, I just only love to watch through the window.

Just a blank field

Poppy flower fields. 

There were number of times too when I was travelling with my friends. From those experiences, I do believe now that to get to know someone better, travel with them. :)

Sometimes, things do not always go by our way and these can happened in our journey. I have my own experiences too, and I do learn a lot from it. 

I guess I do love to watch people but that doesn't mean I love to approach them. Which that, I think somehow it should be improved. 

Walk around, and watch. 
Sometimes, you'll learn the biggest lesson from the smallest act around you. 


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