Another one had just left us this morning...


One by one, You took them away..
Who knew, 2012 was my last time of meeting him..who knew..who knew..
There's a pang of regret, that I am not there right I I wish..
But I know, that everything has been written..
And I am accept..insyaAllah..

Lately, I keep hearing this kind of news..
People are getting older..
and I am not excluded.

Allah, grant us and them the best patience..the best strength
let us all meet in Jannah insyaAllah..

Paklang, you shall be missed.
Allah..tempatkanlah dia di kalangan orang-orang soleh..


keyLa said…

aina..heard the news from dal..
innalillahi wainna ilaihi raajiunn.

moga Allah tempatkan arwah dikalangan mereka yang diredhai..
bersabar dan bertabahlah..

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