My Little Guy

Assalamualaikum a dobry den

Right now, I am in the middle of Pediatrics rotation and I am too, currently preparing for my Pediatrics state exam this November. 

and somehow, full dose involvement with babies, infants, toddlers and kids this week has reminded me of him.

My little guy.

I've never told anyone so much about it. The only place where I wrote about him in such details was only in my university interview essay in KMB.

I first met him when I was doing a CAS service (a requirement in IB) where I need to go to do some volunteering work. And I met him at one small center for disabled kids. 

He was a very small kid for his age, I believe he was 6 around that time. He caught my attention as he was small, but he was practically limping and could not stand up properly on his own. He was always crawling, and grabbing everything he can to hold on to so that he can sit up straight or stand. 

And I was one of the thing that he grabbed on to.

During that time, I had really no idea what his sickness was. The only disease I knew regarding these special kids were Down Syndrome and Autism. So, after several visits then I realized, on the board written each children's problem.

and this little guy has Cerebral Palsy.

Since that time, I was attached to him. Everytime I came, I always went to find him and let him hold on to me while playing. That little guy had become my favourite. When others were busy playing with other children, I would having my own sweet time with him. I always admired him that eventhough he had troubles to do normal movements, he never gave up and wants to keep on playing.

Then, we had a semester break and I haven't met him for almost a month.

When the new semester started, I was surprised that my little guy was not there anymore. The teachers said that he already had gone to school and I just wished him happiness.

But then, a few moths later, he was back. They said he was having difficulties in school as there were no special teachers to take care of him. I think probably because the nearest school that have special teachers is quite far, and his grandparents are not so wealthy to send him to a private special school. On that day that I knew more about him and I grew more concern towards him.

However, despite of his problems, one thing has touched me deeply and became one of the main motivation for me to pursue for medical school. That thing was,


Well, not really like a normal walking. But he got more strength that he less likely need to hold on to something each time, and he can sit and stand up on his own. I was also informed that his grandparents really love him that they are willing to do anything for him. I saw his grandfather came to pick him up everyday without fail and how my little guy really seemed to love him too. 

The story is simple, yet I was touched, so much that I still can remember that feeling till today. How God is powerful. How motivation, passion and love can drive towards success.

and that kind of motivation, somehow became one of the main factor of why I am here now.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, for letting me to meet that little guy 6 years ago.

I hope that wherever he is right now, he will be always fine and healthy..may Allah bless you, my little guy.

p/s: I really want to show his picture which is now on my desk. But I guess, it would be inappropriate. :)
pp/s: please do pray for our state exams :)


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