You know, when there are times in your life that you feel like giving up, miserable, hopeless, useless, and whatever "-less" and other negative feelings starting to cave in?

Don't let those bad vibes take over yourself.

Husnuzhon thinking.

Husnuzhon to Allah. Be optimistic.


By believing that Allah always, always prepare the best for us.

and we are the one who should never break His rules for whatever happened to us.

and when we succeeded, in keeping that belief in our mind,

and overcome those negative auras

InsyaAllah, we'll win another battle of life,
score another point in our good deeds book on our right,
gain more of His blessings and forgiveness.


Because sometimes, we are too cocky to claim that this and that should be the best thing for us,
and yet we forget that Allah knows more than us.

to please Allah, is the most ultimate. ;)

"be optimistic! Husnuzhon thinking!"
-The Way To Win, Solikhin Abu Izzudin (chronology of Zero To Hero)-


keyLa said…
yaah!! be positive!
think positive!
Do positive!

Fathin Aina said…
ye cik kella! let's be positive!! ^^

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