Life vs death

I was in Obstetrics and Gyneacology rotation this week. Our group were divided into 3 smaller subgroups and we were assigned to different teachers each day.

For the whole week, I would say it was very interesting. I've got to do Ultrasound on the mother and the doctor asked me to show the fetal parts of body to the mother.

Me: To je hlavicka (This is the baby's head)...To je prst (This is the fingers)...To je ruce (This is the arm)...To je nohy ( This is the leg...)
Mother: Smiling all the time... (or probably holding her laughter due to my poor

Then one day, we were assigned to the small operating theatre. Here is where they do all the biopsies, conizations, cleaning the uterus after miscarriage, etc...

and we were lucky that we got to do some procedure eventhough our doctor was speaking fully in czech. And luckily we've managed to understand barely with our basic czech.

Except for the last operation.

We were told that the patient is having an interupce (its in czech).
And the debates and confusions began.

I, was completely confident that the patient had miscarriage, and she need to clean her uterus.
My friend on the opposite side, believed its going to be an abortion.

Me and my friends who believed that it was a miscarriage, watch the whole procedure with full interest and anticipations.

It's kind of like suctioning everything inside the female's womb.

But, after the operation finished, because our debates were still not resolved, we finally try to ask the doctor back but we were still confused. So one of the nurse chipped in, repeating the exact same sentence because she saw us in a full state of confusion.

"Nechce jemnou!" (She doesn't want another one)


We really did saw an abortion..........

and I saw another 2 abortions procedure today. Which really, really dampened our mood this morning.

and our doctor said it is common and legal here to do an abortion before the fetus reached the age of 12th weeks.

and before we ended our OT session today, we finally saw a women who had a miscarriage. She had a totally different expression, and the feeling in the OT just turned gloomy.

Some people don't want another child, and some just lost the little ones that they really want.

It is really an irony.

And we really have no one to be blamed. It is their lifestyles that they have been adapting for decades.

"Maka tidakkah mereka menghayati (mendalami) Al-Quran? Sekiranya (Al-Quran) itu bukan dari Allah, pastilah mereka menemukan banyak hal yang bertentangan di dalamnya."
(Surah An-Nisa' 4:82)


p/s: hoping to see any delivery tonight during night shift...insyaAllah...


axvist said…
nicely said. Aina, I'll use ur link in my post later on k? XD

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