To run together or being left behind

There are so many things in life
So many things that we would like to try it out
So many things that we need to sort it out

But sometimes
we feel that we just want to lay down
and do nothing

"Let everything runs on their own
It doesn't matter if we stop
The world just keep spinning"

That's what we thought

It's true everything, everyone in this world
will keep on moving forward

But if we have our momentary pause
and let the world keep their play button switched on
Would we still have our own pause?

Because the movie is still playing
and there is no such things
as if a character in it has its own momentary pause

Because if he does
Then he would be left out from the movie
Because the movie still need to keep playing

or else the movie is paused
or if we go back to our original context
The world is STOPPED

*get what i mean? or it is too weird and too metaphorical? Anyone interested in decoding these words? =p*


Hanis Amanina said…
benda yang paling jauh dengan kita ialah masa yang telah berlalu. uwaaaaaa
Fathin Aina said…
huhuhu...btol tu nina...:( kt buat la apa2 pun...masa still jalan jugak...huhu..insyaAllah sama2 kite cuba manfaatkan masa yg ada! :)

*hehehe...wavelength kt sama la...:P*

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