Our Spain travelogue (Part I)

Finally arrived in Hradec Kralove. It was a day later than scheduled. We're supposed to reach home by yesterday (31st of Dec), but unfortunately, it's New Year's Eve.....so NO TRAINS, NO BUSES to our beloved Hradec Kralove!! Luckily we've got to spend our night in our seniors' house, and cleaned up ourselves after a loooooooooonnnnnggggg journey to get to czech.

ok, this is not supposed to be told in my part I...hehee...


So, our trip began by taking a flight to Madrid from Prague with Lufthansa Airlines. We stop by in Munich Airport for 1 hour before continuing our journey to Madrid. Just for your information, Lufthansa provided FREE DRINKS at most of the departure gates (Wee~~!) Which of course, each of us grab a few drinks to fill ourselves with.

Alhamdulillah the flights were all smooth. No delays, no any hasty serious turbulences. Let me tell you, I was really nervous if something happened to our flights. I think the experience of being stranded in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport last 2 years because of a cancelled flight really does scared me till now.

In this flight, I was with Anis, 4 of the juniors (Mary, Nina, Bel, Adi), Kak Rusna and Kak Pia from Prague, Ain, Mira and Qid from Olomouc. In total of 11 girls, we arrived several hours late than the other earlier group (Dal, Kella, Aini, Zetty, Zi, Wa) which were with the Czech Airlines. When we arrived in Madrid Barajas Airport, they were just arrived from the city center to kill the time while waiting for us.

Anyway, we stayed overnight at the airport because our bus to Granada was at 6.30am from the airport. We found a very nice spot behind the ticket counters to settle ourselves down. That night, all 17 of us were sleeping on the cold hard floor alternately. I couldn't really sleep because my back was aching (and I've already slept a lot in the flights!) 

We're not the only one sleeping over there. With us, there are also some other travellers, probably waiting for their morning flights, and there were also some homeless men. They had their own blanket, and carry 1 or 2 plastic bags with them. Its a pitiful sight, which did remind us to be grateful always for all the luxuries we had from Him. But, their strong-will and determination really amazed me somehow. Even after the polices had woken them up to move elsewhere, they did came back, to find some warmth and protection against the dark, cold winter night.

When our bus came, we travelled 5 hours to Granada. Along the journey, we could see lines of olive trees, a desert-like field, reddish and yellowish stony hill (is this correct? a literal translation for "bukit berbatu-batu") plus the touch of the bright sunny sky. It's totally different with the usual greeny sight of the PLUS highway in Malaysia.

This is how far from Madrid to Granada (gambar ehsan pakcik Google)

We reached Granada at noon and straight away we went to find the bus that will take us to the hostel. We wanted to buy a travel card which covers for several bus trips, but unfortunately we didn't speak Spanish, and for all 17 of us to buy the travel card from the bus driver simultaneously seemed impossible, so there's some minor chaos. However, Alhamdulillah we finally reached our hostel and settling ourselves in.

The lost world of Muslims in Albaycin

After we had our Zuhr and Asar prayer, we walked towards Albaycin. It's an area where the arabic community lives. The whole place is on a hill, so we had to walk up to the top. Along the walk, we could see remnants of some Arabic touch on the houses architecture. On the foothill, there was a street full of souvenirs shops and restaurants. Some of them were Muslims including the kebab shop's owner which his shop later became our favourites.

When we reached the top, we could the magnificent Al- Hambra at the opposite side. The view was simply breathtaking!

the big castle and giant fortress is Al-Hambra

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys something. Here, in Andalucia region of Spain, ORANGE TREES are EVERYWHERE!! I was really obsessed with this view. Almost every hour I will said, "Eh, pokok oren!!!" (dengan gaya macam tak pernah nampak buah oren) I almost didn't see any other plant species (which there are a few, actually. LOL). The orange trees are like our "pokok bunga kertas" which lining up along the main roads in Kuala Lumpur. The oranges are sooooo orange (?). The bright, deep colour, and the massive amount of this fruits on one tree tempted me so much that I felt like plucking them. But, no. I was too embarassed to do that since no one ever did it. :p

Then, while we was indulging ourselves with the Al-Hambra view, (and several camera snapping moments) we saw a small building with the names of Allah written on it. We went there, and walla! It's a mosque! A real, and functioning one too! While we were hesitating to go inside, a kind muslim man from inside saw us and came out to invite us to pray inside.

The mosque is not too big, not too small either. The compound were clean, showing that it was being well taken care of. The kind guy showed us the women's prayer area. When we entered, there was a muslim woman sitting on the carpet with her books. Seemed like she was writing something. When she saw us, she stood up and greeted us. We shaked hands, kissing and hugging each other. It felt so warm, and somehow touching too. I was sure enough that I could see her eyes showed some kind of happiness when she saw other muslim girls too.

We had our ablution (wuduk) and perform solah sunat. As soon as we finished our solah, the azan for Asar was commencing. SubhanaAllah!!!! Each and everyone of us were mesmerized with those beautiful words of azan. We had longed so much for azan like we hear every prayer time back home in Malaysia since we won't hear them in czech republic (unless if we went to the mosque or from our laptops). Eventhough sadly the azan can only be heard in the prayer area but it still was one of the beautiful and meaningful moments for all of us.

Some of us shared that before we entered the mosque, we were surrounded by people who were singing, dancing, men-women showing some affection to each other, the hassled of the narrow streets, people who were having their beers.......and so on....but then, when we found the mosque, it's like a rahmat, a blessing for us. We found some tranquility and we felt safe somehow.

and some of us said that she felt like this is the prove that Allah will always protect His Deen, no matter how worse the human had ruined it. SubhanaAllah!

But since we had jama' our Zuhr and Asar prayers, sadly we couldn't join them for Asar. When we want to go out, we saw this on the wall of the mosque:

"There is no other conquerer except Allah"
-A quote that is so significant in Al-Hambra-


*why the quote is so significant and important? i'll explained later insyaAllah*

*to be continued*


miraaliyasak said…
looking forward for the part 2!..^_^
aiza said…
salam.. wahhh.. best nyeee.. we felt the same when we arrived at central mosque London.. there was a kind lady who offered us some food!!! mmg best sgt mse kat masjid tu..'safe' feeling..
Fathin Aina said…
mira: hehee...kene tggu sy abis exm dlu la jwbnye...:P

aiza: kn?? in the middle of hiruk pikuk dunia tu..suddenly rasa mcm being saved from all those..:) sweetnye makcik tu!! food ape die offer?makcik tu british ke?
zetty said…
aina aina s partnerem~
part two pwetty pleaassssssee n___n

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