let the winter story begin!

I'm done packing. Maybe there'll be some minor things that need to be squeezed into the bag tomorrow morning. =p

The itineraries are printed, settling in nicely inside my handbag.
The food are packed, ready for any 'emergency-need-to-munch-on-something' time.
The winter clothes are checked.
The phone is charging.

and not to forget,
Set The Niat, please. ^_^

O Allah, please let everything turn out smoothly for us all....

Spain, here we come! 
please pray for us ok? thank you! ^_^

p/s: I'll try my best to update about our journey when I get back insyaAllah....if I have time, before I start to dig into my radiology books and notes for my final on the 12th of Jan. ^^


rusnarusli said…
Salam dear aina!!!
semoga jaulah ini menambahkan keimanan kite :)
Rabbi Yassir..

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