The Muslim World Cup

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Someone gave me this article, and I think it is a very interesting article to be pondered upon.

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The Muslim World Cup

FIFA, the International Association of Football Associations put out the following statistic: "The cumulative audience of the 64 matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is expected to be in excess of 26 billion."
Twenty-six billion viewers. I suppose FIFA counted animals and insects along with human beings because the number of human beings residing on this planet is less than 10 billion (around 6.8 billion). Nevertheless, there is a bit of truth there. At least one member of every family is watching the world cup. The population includes elderly, adults, teenagers and even kids.
Current reports from various sources have estimated that 1.2 to 1.57 billion Muslims populate the world, which is about 25% of the estimated world population. I assume that at least 20% of those Muslims are dedicated audience of this year’s world cup. Supposing the number of Muslims around the world is an exact 1.5 billion, this makes the minimum number of viewers equal 0.3 billion. Not even half this number cared to stay tuned during the Gaza Massacre—no one even cared to calculate statistics!
I understand that the war on Gaza wasn’t fashionable compared to the FIFA World Cup, neither was it amusing, but it surely was every Muslim’s duty to express the slightest bit of concern—even if this concern was a result of copying a non-Muslim/non- Arab who got himself busy making the cause look more chic. And plenty of activists blame the rest of the world for not moving! Why would the rest of the world move when a huge number of Muslims and Arabs don’t give a damn? Yes, Gaza is a human cause, but, above all, it’s a Muslim cause.
Muslims are busy asking a bunch of publicity-seeking cartoonists to apologize to Prophet Mohammed PBUH for disrespecting him in a bunch of lame, outrageous cartoons. Why do they expect those who do not follow Prophet Mohammed to actually apologize to him? They’re not Muslims and their only god is themselves.. . not even Christ or Buddha. It’s not their duty to apologize. It’s Muslims’ duty to do so.  Many Muslims insult and disrespect the Prophet at least once a day—whether intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly—and neither do they apologize nor do they repent!
How many men named Mohammed commit major sins each and every day and are so proud of it? Isn’t this an insult to the first man to carry the name “Mohammed”? Muslims who misuse the Prophet’s quotes and teachings are not disrespecting him? Muslims who are busy fighting each other rather than fighting their enemies do not owe the Prophet an apology? Muslims who make Islam look so awful do not owe the Prophet of Islam an apology? So why ask non-Muslims to apologize when Muslims themselves have no idea they must apologize?
During his reign, Sultan Abdül Hamit II rejected Herzl's offers to pay down a significant portion of the Ottoman debt in exchange for an agreement allowing the Zionists access to Palestine. That was when Sultan Abdül Hamit said his famous reply, “… to have the scalpel cut my body is less painful than to witness Palestine being detached from the Khilafah State, and this is not going to happen... let the Jews keep their millions and once the Khilafah is torn apart one day, then they can take Palestine without a price.” And that literally marked the end of the Ottoman Empire.
Due to ongoing misgovernment within the Empire, it was easy to convince Arabs that Turks were the enemy and that the Arab World must be ruled by Arabs and not Turks. Rebellion against dictators and oppressors was a great move, but believing that Arab unison under one rule should be broken and every country should have its own regime was the worst scheme ever. In Mesopotamia and Yemen riot was endemic, so, with time, Sultan Abdül Hamit became obsessed with the paranoia of being assassinated, what made him withdraw himself into the fortified isolation of the Yıldız Palace.
The Ottoman Empire was weakened from within before WWI, turning it into a piece of cake during the war. Due to government greed, corruption and obsession with power, most Arabs came to think of the Turkish rule as an aggressive occupier rather than the Islamic Empire which once formed one of the strongest unions ever.
In 1908, the Young Turk Movement—a reformist and strongly nationalist group with many adherents in the army—forced the restoration of the constitution of 1876, and, in 1909, the parliament replaced Sultan Abdül Hamit with his brother, Mehmet V. In the two successive Balkan Wars (1912-1913), Turkey lost nearly its entire territory in Europe to Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Albania. The nationalism of the Young Turks, whose leader Enver Pasha gained virtual dictatorial power by a coup in 1913, provoked the remaining minorities in the empire.
The outbreak of World War I found Turkey lined up with the Central Powers, forming the Triple Alliance with the signing of the August 1914 Turco-German Alliance. On the 28th of October, 1914, Turkey formally entered World War I. The Allied Powers declared war on the Ottoman Empire on November 4th of that year. Although Turkish troops succeeded against the Allies in the Gallipoli campaign in 1915, Arabia rose against Turkish rule, and British forces occupied Baghdad and Jerusalem in 1917.
In 1918, Turkish resistance collapsed in Asia and Europe. A ceasefire was concluded in October, and the Ottoman Empire came to an end.
Enough history talk. We all know that, in one way or another, the results of the two world wars served Zionist ambitions. And we all know that every enemy uses the same method to conquer a country. First by weakening it from within by supporting corrupt movements, triggering angry rebels and encouraging civil wars. Then by walking in clean, strong, supported by strong movements and the media, and looking like pious reformers.
The Prophet of Islam asked Muslims to unite, not to fight each other while the Zionist enemy plays with them as if they were helpless chess pieces and kicks them from one net to the other as if they were a pathetic ball. As long as Muslims act like fools and give their enemies what they want, they will never deserve justice or victory. A Muslim who starts a whole TV channel for attacking a Muslim party he disagrees with is definitely abusing Prophet Mohammed PBUH andmust repent. All that money could be spent on building homes for the homeless and abolishing child poverty. All that money could be used to support Palestine!
When all those Muslims can respect each other’s opinions when it comes to sports, they must be able to accept each other no matter what. When all those Muslims are so good at staying updated on sport matters, they must stay updated on their causes’ matters—or rather say catastrophes.  When all those Muslims have this tremendous amount of passion when it comes to sports, then they must redirect most of this passion to their causes.
When it comes to Islam, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the killing of Muslims around the world is not politics. It’s Islam. Those who want Muslims to stay out of it listed those causes under ME Politics. And we always hear stuff like “I hate politics”, “I prefer to stay away from politics”, “politics is showbiz for ugly people” and loads of similar clichés. Well, in the grave and in the Hereafter, every Muslim will find out what falls under politics and what doesn’t.
For now, enjoy your match
Its really an eye-opener right? Well, it is for me. 

Maybe you have your own point of view? Feel free to share it! =)

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Al Jazeera Live said…
All of those who think that s0ccer is haraam you guys cant b classified as sunnis but only wahabis… a world makes employemen 4 millions of muslim brothers aswell as supporting other converts to islam such as franck ribery… that can bring food on thier tables 4 thier families…and we dnt go to the stadiums for the sin but for the match and its ur intention that matters

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