Chilling Autumn.....Upcoming Freezing Winter!

Salam a dobry den!

It's now October and the yellow leaves are starting to fall to the ground.
The 'we-have-just-found-out-they-are-chestnuts' are found lying everywhere on our path to the faculty.
The 'we-think-its-cherry' are also ripening.
Our journey to the class every morning now its not just a battle to make it in time, but also a fight to withstand the FREEZING cold wind!! (The 'bulu2' winter coat is finally out from the closet! hohoho =p)

Talking about freezing, I remember my trip with my friends (thanks to Kak Aini and Kak Belle =) ) to Pec Pod Sněžkou (snie-zh-kou). It was my first time ever to reach any peak of a mountain (puncak bukit pun tak pernah jejak kot..).

The view? SubhanAllah!! BREATHTAKING!!!! =D

From the top of the mountain (Sněžka)

You guys might be wondering..did we climb, or hiking to the top of the mountain which are among the highest in Czech Republic?? (Mungkinkah Fathin Aina sudah menjadi athletic sekarang?? *whoosh..!*)

Tadaaa!! This is Lanová Drahá (atau dlm bahasa omputehnye..Chair Lift)

But we DID hiking ok? get to the chair lift station, we still did the hiking stuff (berpeluh-peluh..hohoho..)

Notice how 'opened' the chair lift was? Haha...we were nervous at first. Plus the stumble2, the 'your-feet-are-floating' feeling..

Me and Cik Dal were flying!

When we were up there, being carried by the lift to the top of the hill (the journey took about 10-15minutes for each station), a lot of thoughts came up to my mind...

"What would happened if suddenly this chair drops?"
"Will I golek2 to the ground..or will I stuck onto a tree or something..or maybe something worst???"

At that time, I realized, how weak we are as the human being. How useless are we to even control what can happen to us. At that moment, the power of God seems so mighty that I left everything up to Him. How shameful and helpless I felt, that only at those kind of situation that I remembered His Power, His Might....

But Alhamdulillah, Allah is the most Generous and the most Merciful. I was still given the chance to witness the beauty of His creation. How amazing and magnificent on how He create the layers of various of species of trees and plants, starting from the tall, big Pine trees at the feet of the the small bushes of plants that I don't remember the name...hehe. And how unique that He arrange the large and small rocks properly on the top of the mountain. SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah!

"Dan Kami telah menghamparkan bumi dan Kami pancangkan padanya gunung-gunung serta Kami tumbuhkan di sana segala sesuatu menurut ukuran."
(Surah Al-Hijr 15:19)

"Dan Dia menancapkan gunung di bumi agar bumi itu tidak goncang bersama kamu, (dan Dia menciptakan) sungai-sungai dan jalan-jalan agar kamu mendapat petunjuk,"

"dan (Dia menciptakan) tanda-tanda (penunjuk jalan). Dan dengan bintang-bintang mereka mendapat petunjuk."

"Maka apakah (Allah) yang menciptakan sama dengan yang tidak menciptakan (sesuatu)? Mengapa kamu tidak mengambil pelajaran?"
(Surah An-Nahl 16: 15-17)

Alhamdulillah, the journey ended smoothly (eventhough there was an accident. Get well soon Lina!). We did managed to enjoy some bobsleigh rides and the others (Aini, Cik Dal, Zetty and Lina) got to experienced the monkey park. =)

Before I end my post, I want to share this verse from the Quran, as to celebrate this autumn,

"Apakah engkau tidak memerhatikan, bahwa Allah menurunkan air dari langit, lalu diaturnya menjadi sumber-sumber air di Bumi, kemudian dengan air itu ditumbuhkan-Nya tanam-tanaman yang bermacam-macam warnanya, kemudian menjadi kering, lalu engkau melihatnya kekuning-kuningan, kemudian dijadikan-Nya hancur berderai-derai. Sungguh, pada yang demikian itu terdapat pelajaran bagi orang-orang yang mempunyai akal sehat."
(Surah Az-Zumar 39:21)

Tak, till next time. Salam a Na Shle.

p/s: eager for the winter! Gonna miss the thick snow at Palachova..maybe at Jiraskovy Sady (sungai bercabang dua) this winter?? hehe =)


keyLa said…

mana jumpe ayat surah az-zumar tu...hebatnye..mmg pasal autumn pun kan?
Fathin Aina said…
mana jumpe? dlm quran la..hehe..
x la..kebetulan..ak tgh cr ayat psl gunung2 tu..ttibe terserempak dgn ayt autumn tu.excited la daku..hehe..SubhanAllah! suma bnda pun Allah ade sebut kn?
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