Vitame vas Ramadhan!!

(welcome Ramadhan!)

Alhamdulillah..once again, the awaited holy month of the muslims has come. Most country will start to fast on Saturday while some on Friday (Czech's included).

On this month, all muslims will not eat, drink and do anything that will break the fast starting from imsak(early dawn) to maghrib(sunset).

Now, in this Ramadhan, let us all multiply our ibadah to Him.
Get rid of every hatred, anger, and all those negative feelings.
Work hard to prevent and defend ourselves from all the bad temptations.
Maximize our sincerity to Him and also to all our brothers and sisters.
Give our hands to those in needs.
and much, much more amal that we can grab!

Forgive me everyone for all my wrongdoings..
May this Ramadhan brings us a memorable experience and manage to improve ourselves to be a better servant of Him!

p/s: perjuangan masih belum selesai! chaiyo2 suma yg ada final lg! (termasuk lah diri sendiri..hoho)


Salam Ramadhan Aina!~

mg Ramadhan kali ni lg baek dr yg tlh berlalu iA..
Mari lipatgndakn amal pdNYA..Dia dh bg tawaran hebat n special neh iAllah..huhu.jgn lpskn peluang..
okes care..
slmt bermujahadah.. Bittaufiq wannajah utk exm! mg Allah prmudahkn urusan kt sume iAllah.
kim slm kt femli eh!..huhu.missing u sis!..(^-*)

"Ku mngharapkn Ramadhan kali ini penuh mkna..agar dpt kulalui dgn sempurna..."

Jg diri, jg iman iAllah..

buddy2 yg syg kamu slalu..:-)
Fathin Aina said…
salam moje buddy!

hehe..salam ramadhan jugak! even kt x de rezeki nk smbut puasa sama2 kat xpe, kt suma mengharapkan keredhaan yg sama =D

mekasih2! doakan ktorg suma kat cni..!

p/s: thn ni x dpt raya ngan borhans..hehe..kene tggu suma org blk..pastu kt wat mkn2 nak? hehe
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