LAMSAB 2 is back!!

Salam a dobrý den!

Sorry ye rakan-rakan! Nak buat iklan jap..hehe=p

Calling all KMBians! Doesn't matter which batch you were in, lend me a bit of your time to read this!


If you were in KMB in 2007 and 2008, I'm sure lots of you have already known about this campaign. But for those who still don't know or have forgotten about it already, let me refresh your memory...

"Leave A Mark, Sponsor A Book" (LAMSAB) is a campaign organized by Pn Wan Ima Hafiza Wan Ismail (KMB Chemistry teacher and also my mentor!) in order to add more fictional books into our beloved LRC. I believe, up till last year, there is absolutely no Sidney Sheldon's books, no Aherns', let alone any single Harry Potter book!

But after LAMSAB 1 has finally succeeded last year, Alhamdulillah, there are lots of improvement. For the friends and seniors who had sponsored the books, thank you so much! You guys can always see your name on the book you had sponsored in LRC, when you have time to visit KMB. Or perhaps, maybe one day, your own child will be seeing your name on the books!

This time, LAMSAB 2 is back! And we are hoping to add more latest books and we also now are working on adding more MALAY BOOKS! Books from the respected authors such as Habiburrahman El-Shirazy, Faisal Tehrani, A.Samad Said are now on the lists!

So guys and girls! Wherever you are, join us now to sponsor more books in our LRC!

You can email me ASAP to know the lists of the books and any other inquiries at (ym also!)

diky a hezky den!
wassalam =)


Ibnu Sobri said…
Wowowowo...ada lagi ker kempen nie. Ingat la kisah lama. Kisah aku tak buat keje. Harap orang jer uruskan kempen. Teruk betulkan aku!
Fathin Aina said…
hahaha..cter lama tu cter lama la daus..xpe2..kali ni meh la tlg promote..hehe
Ibnu Sobri said…
wowowowo....segan2.Sapa kita punya target group. Macam mana nak kumpul duit. Dan kat sapa kita nak bagi duit? Kalau kita beli sendiri tak bleh ka?????
Fathin Aina said…
haha..ok, cmni, target grup: KMBians..x kira senior bpe thun pun.
kumpul je duit dlu, then kalo ireland maybe bleh pas kat senior galway tu, Hann tau kot.
bli sndiri?? BOLEH SGT2!! hehe
FaES said…
oit! dh ad blog rupenye! ptt r sbuk je skg! hahah
Anonymous said…
uit mak cik..x ckp kat aku pun..sedar2 dah ade yg nak wujudkan perang dunia ni...=P
Fathin Aina said…
ikha: hehe..ampun2..malu nk promote bsr2an..kasi stable dlu..hehe
faes: hehee..bkn da mmg slalu cbok ke? haha
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